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Arc Lightning, hurls a lightning bolt that bounces through enemy units within a 500 radius. The number of targets scale from 5/7/9/15 and deals 70/95/120/145 damage respectively.

This ability is great for farming our waves and farming stacks camps quickly as it only has a low cooldown of 1.6 seconds. With the benefit of enjoying the low cool down, one might be tempted to overuse the ability causing mana issues, so it is always beneficial to carry some clarities with you to keep regenerating mana.

Lightning Bolt is Zeus’s second ability. Zeus call down a bolt of lightning from the sky dealing a heavy nuke damage to a single target unit, dealing 125/200/275/350 damage with a cool down of 6 seconds.

The ability provides true sight in a 750 radius when cast on an enemy or on the ground making it very useful against invisible heroes such as Riki, Bounty Hunter etc.

If Lightning Bolt is cast in the fog of war or an enemy escapes your line of vision, it allows you to hit the nearest target within a 375 radius ensuring many kills.

The ability also has the bonus element of causing a mini-stun on its target which can be used to interrupt channeling spells and stop teleporting enemies from escaping.

Zeus’s third ability is Static Field, a passive ability that shocks enemy units, causing damage based on a proportion of their current health whenever any of Zeus’s abilities hit a target. Damage percentage scales from 6/8/10/12 % of current health as damage.

This ability works with all of Zeus’s abilities and allow Zeus to deal additional bonus damage per cast. Usually a single point in the ability in the early part of the game is sufficient and can be maxed after other abilities.

Zeus’s Ultimate is Thundergod’s Wrath, a global spell which when cast strikes all enemies on the map with lightning where ever they might be. Deals 250/350/450 damage.

Thundergod’s Wrath reveals invisible units but deal no damage creating true sight in the area.
This ability is great for scouting enemies on the map, whether it may be used offensively or defensively.

Zeus also gains an additional global ability, Nimbus, when Aghanim’s Scepter is purchased. This allows Zeus to create a cloud that casts Lightning Bolts on enemies anywhere on the map.
The cloud benefits from the same perks as lightning bolt, making it one of the strongest Aghanim’s in the game.
(Nimbus is a great counter for Tinker.)


Zeus core strength in being a heavy nuker throughout the game, causing massive single target as well as aoe damage to enemies.

Starting the game, your objective is to secure farm and build items that allow you to increase your mana pool and sustain you though the laning phase. This play style allows you to focus on keeping your enemy on low HP and maintain your dominance over the lane.

Popular items are Arcane boots, Aether lens or at times a Veil of Discord.

As Zeus has no natural escape mechanisms, a gank from enemy heroes with is very likely to succeed if you over extend. Always be aware of missing enemy support heroes.
Use your lightning bolt to find enemy wards placed around to gain vision advantage.
If your lane pushes into the enemy tower and the threat of a gank is lingering, simply retreat into your jungle to farm or stack camps for yourself.
Be aware of the power runes, as an Arcane or Haste rune can easily lead to kills in your own lane or the side lane while a Regeneration rune can simply allow you to keep your dominance and out scaling your enemy.

In the Mid to Late game your objective is clearly to start or stop ganks from happening, by using Thundergod’s Wrath to assist your allies to secure a kill or to scout missing enemy heroes. Building into boots of travels early on can be extremely useful as it allows mobility to join fights and outrun enemies.

Aghanim Scepter is a must pick for Zeus and will always pay off. The added benefit is that as Zeus is also a natural Refresher Orb builder, you can benefit from 2 Nimbuses at the same time.

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